You can identify them by the following :


1. Are not willing to show their face, reluctant to come on video chat, profile photo may not theirs, reluctant to meet in person

2. Ask for money transfer, citing some emergency, initially a small sum and later a large amount

3. May not have social profile or have few friends on social media

4. Hesitate to share family/ workplace details

5. Express "love" too quickly even before fully understanding each other

6. The profile looks too good to be true for that person to express interest to you

7. They call from multiple numbers. They usually don't give a number to call back. Even if they give a number, they don't pick up when you call. Later, they call you back from a new number

8. Sound inconsistent or confusing when you ask for personal details

9. Are in a mad rush for early marriage, without a valid reason

10. Request for deletion of your profile immediately after getting in touch with you

11. Ask for email user name/ password or credit card/ bank account details

12. Come up with false stories to gain sympathy