10 Everyday Ways to Nurture a Loving Partnership

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In today's busy world, it doesn't take long for two people in a relationship to become distant or fall out of love. Many couples don't realize that the small everyday loving gestures go a long way toward nurturing a healthy relationship. By boosting your partner's day in small ways, you're strengthening your relationship in big ways.

Here are 10 small gestures that, if done on a daily or even semi-regular basis, can make all the difference in developing a conscious relationship that's happy, healthy, and well-connected.

Leave a love note It can be as simple as grabbing a post-it note and saying "I love you!" on the bathroom mirror. Or write your partner something funny, perhaps an inside joke to find when they aren't expecting it. Or when your partner has a to-do list sitting out, add on something unexpected.

Greet each other genuinely Make it a point to give each other a hearty welcome along with a hug and kiss when you or they get home from work. Many times, we underestimate the power of the welcome, especially after we been together for a while. However, everyone likes to be wanted and valued. Try it!

Look each other in the eyes Make loving eye contact as much as possible when talking. And sometimes spend several minutes communicating through the eyes without words.

Give loving touches daily It can be as simple as a stroke on the back as you walk by each other or an extra long hug. Stay connected affectionately—and deliberately!

Acknowledge small achievements Thank your partner for something positive they've done each day. For example, "Hey, thanks for putting the dishes away. That really helped!" Or appreciate how hard they work to support the family. Celebrate milestones in their career with flowers or a special dinner. Each time we highlight our partner's actions that make our lives better, it is an emotional deposit.

Listen attentively to your partner If they vent about their day, try to listen and empathize instead of reacting. When your partner is excited about their day or a breakthrough at work, give them focused attention and share their experience. A core need is to be heard, so make an effort to be present to one another.

Reach out during the day Don't wait until your partner gets home. Send them a loving text message to let them know you're thinking about them. Shoot them an email that says something fun or loving.

Get playful and goofy Occasionally act out of character in a fun, loving way to add lightness and laughter to the relationship. Have a snowball fight or a squirt gunfight. Do something out of the ordinary to shake things up! And during this difficult year for many, this is a recipe for stress relief, too. Nothing is more healing than laughter.

Surprise each other Bring something special home every once in a while, whether it's dinner, a flower you picked on the way out of the office, or a funny article that made you think of them. Or drop off their favorite lunch at work when they are too busy to get out. This gesture lets your partner know you were thinking about them.

Ask questions Ask how their day was or what they're busy with at work, and then really listen to what they say. Be curious.


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