5 Reasons Why Quality Time Is So Important in a Relationship

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It is normal for new couples to crave and spend time with each other. For them, quality time is important in a relationship. However, with time, couples stop giving quality time to each other as they get busy with their career and taking care of family. One reason for spending less time is the comfort level that increases as the relationship proceeds. Hence, they no longer put in the same effort as they did at the beginning of a relationship.


When two people stop giving each other quality time, they gradually lose the romance spark. This creates conflicts, distance and disappointments in relationships. Here we will discuss why quality time is so important in a relationship.


Keeps Romance alive

Giving time to each other fosters connection at spiritual and emotional levels. It also induces passion in relationships. Couples who spend time together are closer to each other and are happier in their love life. To have a long-term relationship with your partner, rekindling the sexual, emotional and physical spark is important.


Free therapy

Yes, you read that right. Your partner is your free therapist. Sharing the burden of sadness with your soulmate can reduce your stress. Also, the more you spend time, the fewer conflicts you experience as a couple. Giving each other quality time can release a happy hormone in our body that prevents depression.


Make new memories

Spending time doesn’t mean couples just sit on the couch and talk. It is important to go out on vacations, have dinner at your favourite restaurants, and try new meaningful experiences to make more memories. Sometimes these experiences can be for a short duration like going to the beach, watching the sunset and enjoying beautiful and romantic weather.


Improve communication

Every couple counsellor emphasises spending quality time with your spouse even if it’s just a few hours a week. Giving time to your partner allows you to talk and discuss problems. Many times you don’t need to go into deep conversation. Just asking about their day, office work, and daily goals can mean a lot to them and enhance the quality of the relationship.


Makes relationship secure

Showing small gratitude and appreciating their effort in a relationship makes your partner emotionally more secure. It shows that you prioritise them and will always be there for them when life gets hard. Always make your partner feel that they are irreplaceable, worthy of love and their absence is never forgotten.


It’s normal to have different commitments and interests once you are in a relationship. Yet, spending quality time with your partner is not impossible. You don’t need to spend the whole day with your soulmate, spending just a few hours once a week is enough. To read more about matrimonial life and how to have a healthy relationship with your spouse, visit secureshaadi.com



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