5 Things To Know If You Arent Hiring A Wedding Planner

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Wedding planners are pro at designing and even executing a couple’s perfect dream wedding by just visioning it, but if your wedding is less over-the-top and more go-with-the-flow then you can go without hiring a wedding planner. Not every couple needs or wants a wedding planner, if you’re working with a tiny budget and planning to save for the future because every penny counts then hiring a wedding planner doesn’t make any sense.


So, if you’re planning not to hire a wedding planner, here are few things to keep in mind to ensure your wedding runs smoothly!


Things To Know If There Is No Wedding Planner 


Start And Stay Organized : The first and foremost thing to do is maintain a separate email id because this will be the best option for maintaining work email id separate and personal id separate because you’ll be getting a lot of emails if you're hiring a wedding planner or not. You can even keep a master list of tasks to get through the planning process, contact information, and by adding dates and deadlines to your calendar.


Book The Vendors Early : Wedding planners have a very deep network of vendors they can reach out to for last-minute hassle. In case if you’re not hiring a wedding planner then booking and scheduling an interview with them way earlier to the wedding would reduce stress and lessen the burden.


Dedicate Few Hours Every Week To Planning : Wedding planning is a huge responsibility, but if you don’t want to pay the money, you’ve to pay some time for this task. Dedicate few hours to scheduling the dates, checking with the vendors, and much more, but yes this will not consume your whole life!


Designate A Manager : It is obviously expected that you’ll experience at least a little pre-wedding stress so a million dollar advice here would that ask someone from your family or friends to manage certain things for you.


Seek Advice From Professionals : If you seek advice from other people this would be like blind leading a blind so the best option would be checking different blog posts from vendors and getting the tips from there!


And lastly, we advise you to relax, stay calm and enjoy this incredibly special day!!


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