Celebrating First Holi After Marriage? Here Are Tips To Make It Special

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Holi is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. The festival of colours is celebrated all across the country with full zeal. The celebrations are even more special for couples who are celebrating the festival for the first time post their marriage. All the firsts after the wedding are special in their own way for the newly married couple. If it is your first Holi after your wedding then we are sure you must be quite excited for the festivities. There are different ways you can make the celebrations memorable this year.

Host An Intimate Holi Party

Though the pandemic is still here, the government has lifted some restrictions and now it is easier to host celebrations for occasions like Holi. Instead of going for an OTT party, go for an intimate celebration. Invite your close friends and family. For the venue, you can choose your terrace or balcony area. Get the area decorated with flowers, colourful hangings to add to the Holi vibe. Set your music system on one corner and a mini food corner on the other side with traditional sweets, snacks and drinks. You can plan the entire day with some fun games, dance, delicious meals for the day.

Get Matching Outfits For You And Your Partner

Another way to make the celebrations special is by decking up in traditional clothes. Go for matching or colour coordinated outfits with your partner. Don't forget to click a lot of pictures on the occasion because these are the memories which you are going to cherish forever!

Make A Traditional Sweet Together

Holi celebrations are incomplete without relishing traditional Indian sweets. So, make it more special by cooking together on the occasion of Holi. Spend some time in the kitchen. If you two aren't well versed with cooking then take the help of the internet or tips from elders in the family to prepare sweet dishes for everyone.

Say It With A Gift

Make your first Holi special by giving your partner a gift. Make a list of things that your partner would love and then buy what would make them smile. If you find it difficult to buy gifts then stick to safer options like a mobile or car accessory, gadget, or a box of chocolates.

Make It A Special Morning

Holi will be a day filled with a lot of colours, fun. If you want to make the morning a little special then kick start the day by preparing a delicious breakfast for your partner. While your partner is still in bed, get them a tray full of their favourite breakfast treats and make it special with a sweet note on the side.

Plan A Short Vacay

If both you and your partner aren't fans of the festival then this is the perfect time to head out for a vacay. It is a great idea for this year especially because the festival is falling on a weekend. Go for a short trip, away from the hustle-bustle of the city and spend some quality time together.

We hope these tips help you make your first Holi after your marriage special. For more such stories, stay tuned!


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