Do you know about background Of Matrimonial Sites?

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The search for one’s soul mate dates to antiquity. The pursuit for love has been a never-ending quest that only modified its means with changing time. The ancient scriptures mention 8 kinds of marriages! The evolution has been slow and steady with the recent addition in the list being the matrimonial websites. And these days, these sites are proving to be a quite popular means for finding one’s bride or groom, a crucial alternative to the offline methods.

Matrimonial websites are quite popular in India and sometimes substitute for the marriage broker offline or the dating sites in Western countries. It is interesting to note that dating websites were never been that popular in India, the cultural disconnect being one of the main reasons. In Western countries, love is considered the prerequisite for marriage, whereas in the subcontinent, love is taken as mutual dedication to grow after marriage. Here, the matrimonial sites step in to help the suitors find a suitable prospect based on his/her liking and interest.


When a would-be bride or groom or their parents think of choosing a matrimonial website as the mode of match-making, the first and foremost step is registering to the site. The registration process requires one to upload one’s profile to the site with all relevant info for a successful matrimonial alliance. This profile finds a place in the extensive database of the matrimonial website. That resultantly opens up possibilities for the newly registered member to find a suitor among all those who keep searching across the site’s database through advanced user-friendly customized search criteria like religion, caste, age group, region, gender, nationality, photograph inclusion in the profile, and so on.

Online matrimonial sites date back to late 1990s with starting as in 1996, and in 1997. By 2003, around 200 websites mushroomed up, but the primary two remain the big players to in the online matchmaking space and now giving him tough competition. got a big name for genuine profile in portal.

Most online matrimonial services initially focused on the field of matchmaking, but they later started to include services like wedding planning, horoscope matching, marriage gifts, etc., catering to almost every part of a wedding. The traditional matchmaking services lag behind the online matrimonial services in the range of the area coverage. This pan-Indian presence has given the online companies a competitive edge over the traditional means like putting ads in newspapers. Now, the news dailies too are going online to post matrimonial advertisements.


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