Do You Want To Know The Nature Of Your Relationship?

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Every relationship is unique and having a partner who makes you feel loved is a ‘on cloud nine’ kind of feeling. But, there are a few traits that can define each type of a relationship. We’ve figured some of them for you below;



Head over heels- snuggle all the time. That’s what you feel 24*7 when you are in a lovey-dovey relationship. There are the cute nick names, fairy date nights, holding hands with the future all bright. In short, you’re the ketchup to his fries, the flip to his flop, the silver to his lining!Captain-cool There’s no awkwardness between a cool couple. They are very comfortable around each other and can basically say or do anything they like. They are best friends first and then a couple. They chill, watch TV series, play video games and even go on a shopping spree together without any fancy expectations.


Independently- together:

The independent couples love spending time together but that doesn’t stop them from having separate lives. They have an understanding to be together yet evolve individually for personal growth. They support each other, don’t hold each other back, encourage and understand each other and most importantly, enjoy each other. They’ve got this whole power-couple thing nailed pretty much by being the wind below the other’s wings.



The couples who are adventurous & spontaneous and love to try new things in life. Trying each other’s hobbies, introducing each other to different genres of music, tasting different kinds of cuisines, going on crazy expeditions & trying their hands on every adventure sport possible. They want to feel the adrenaline rush of living a crazy life with their love.


Whether you are one of these kinds or you are all of them together, the fact is…


Sharing a life with someone & being in love is an extraordinary-out of the world feeling.


Live it – Love it! ????


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