Dusty Lavender Outfits That Are Trending & How!

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Every time we come across a unique and fresh colour, we are obsessed with it and find ways to incorporate that colour. This time we have found a brand new colour that we cannot stop obsessing over—introducing dust lavender outfits that have taken over the bridal world. This colour is chic, elegant, sophisticated, and perfect for your day functions.

Popular Dusty Lavender Outfits For Brides

Embellished Ones For The Win

Well, it ain’t a party till there’s no sparkle and glam. If you’re a bride who simply adores wearing all things bling but doesn’t wanna look like a disco ball at your wedding functions then go for embellished dusty lavender outfits. The balance of the color and embroidered work will come out so well together that you will look like a million bucks!

Embroidered Dusty Lavender Outfits

There is no doubt that Indian wear’s essence is embroidery work. For the longest time, we have seen embroidery work dominate the bridal world and if you too are a fan of this type of work, we recommend going with it in dusty lavender. Ladies, we promise you’re going to look so elegant that everyone will be in awe of your bridal look!

Monotoned Dusty Lavender Outfits

Dusty lavender is such a beautiful color that even if you decide to go with this color alone, we know that you will make quite a statement with your outfit. So, if you’re a subtle bride who enjoys all things simple, go with a monotoned dusty lavender outfit for your smaller wedding functions.

Dusty Lavender Outfits With Threadwork

Now if you’re a bride who embraces tradition then our recommendation for you to opt for dusty lavender outfits with threadwork. There’s a certain charm and grace to Indian wear outfits that have threadwork done on them. Not only do these outfits look beautiful on the bride but these actually never go out of style!


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