Go light this Wedding Season

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Attending weddings in the summer heat is a taxing task. While, the bride and the groom have no option other than going big and elaborate; the guests can definitely take it a few notch lower.

The women can pick light and falling fabrics like georgette, chiffon and net. These are easy to drape in any silhouette and won’t make you sweat profusely. Such fabrics don’t restrict any movement and are easy to carry. Even though Velvet is the trendiest option these days, it’s a big no. While dark colors like blues, greyest and browns are the safest options, looking outside these color pallets will make for an interesting choice. Even if one chooses dark colors, it is advisable to keep the accessories lighter. Pastels are in great demand this season. They immediately ooze out a breezy feeling. On the makeup front, nudes and light shades are most preferred. Bleeding makeup is every woman’s nightmare.

Men can leave the tux aside and dress in a formal shirt with tailored pants and pointed shoes. A vest basket can be an interesting accessory in the summer heat. Ties can be avoided totally.

In the Indian section, Kurtas or Sherwanis in light, breathable fabric are advisable.

Kids should always keep it easy and light. Summer frocks and dresses for girls and casual Shirt and pants or jeans will work for boys.

The key is to wear breathable fabrics and put minimum weight on the body. Anyway, the lighter you are dressed and feel, the more you enjoy.


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