Here’s How to Have a Great Relationship with Your In-Laws!

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Creating and fostering good relationships with your partner’s family is one of the most important parts of a happy married life. And yet, it is the one thing that most women face trouble with. Of course, a lot of it has to do with the social mindset around the role that a daughter-in-law is expected to play. There is a lot that you can also do from your end to make sure you build a great relationship with your in-laws.

Here are a few topics on how to have a good relationship with your in-laws.

Respect your husband’s relationship with them : Your Relationships with your husband’s family are different from relationships with your own family. With your in-laws, it is by nature a triangular relationship. It is important to try and create individual relationships with your in-laws. But it is also important to take into account your husband’s existing relationship with them and respect that as well.

Maintain Healthy Boundaries : This one is probably the most important step to maintaining great relationships- creating and respecting boundaries. The earlier you set your boundaries with them, and allow them to set theirs, the easier it will get for you to create and sustain respectful, loving relationships that are not invasive and overbearing.

Get to Know Each Other Well : Life is too short to play games. The simplest way to let someone know what you want is to tell them. Be simple, direct, and straightforward when it comes to communicating with your in-laws. Your relationship with them, unlike your own family, is fairly new and it’s not fair to expect that they will be in tune with your emotions, your perspectives, and your ideologies by default, without you actually spelling them out for them.

Pick Your Battles Wisely : Always keep in mind, this is not the family you have grown up with. There will be a thousand things that might not sit right with you, or seem downright annoying and absurd to you. While it won’t be good for you, in the long run, to silently accept everything with resignation even if it makes you uncomfortable, it won’t be great either to constantly keep getting into arguments and confrontations. So make sure you pick your battles wisely.

The key to any good relationship is trust, respect, and kindness, and your in-laws are no exception. So invest your time, efforts, and heart in nurturing these relationships. They too will grow into fulfilling, supportive primary relationships of your life.


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