How Can You Have a Happy Marriage and a Good Relationships

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There is no magic formula for how to live a happy married life. The majority of marriages fail due to monetary issues, unmet expectations and poor communication. A strong and happy marriage usually evolves when both partners take responsibility for their own lives, by learning from their past mistakes and choosing to resolve conflicts so that harmony and peace exist in the relationship.

Here are some strong marriage tips for having a solid and happy marriage:

  1. Do things together – by going on a weekly date you will keep romance and your friendship stronger.
  2. Work on something together – whether it is home repair, a vacation, doing a jigsaw puzzle together, sharing values and time together will strengthen your bonds with each other.
  3. Prioritize time together – when you are together make each the focus of your attention – enjoy one another.
  4. Share your values, your hopes, your fears, your dreams – share your expectations, how to spend leisure time, money, roles, and family life.
  5. Listen to each other – show each other you care by paying attention to what they are feeling and experiencing.
  6. Treat each other with respect – as you would others
  7. Manage differences and difficulties as they arise so they don’t become barriers to intimacy.
  8. Address sensitive issues with care so they don’t become confrontational.
  9. Communication is so important – think about what your own feelings are and avoid becoming defensive so that effective communication can take place.
  10. Don’t take each other for granted. Acknowledge each other, appreciate each other, and cherish each other.
  11. Be receptive to each other’s needs.
  12. When issues arise, move from me to we – attack the problem together instead of each getting defensive.
  13. Be sure to make many more positive statements to each other and about each other and your relationship than negative comments.


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