How important of a Punjabi Brides Choora

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Traditionally the choora consists of 21 bangles in red/maroon, ivory/white. The colors represent prosperity and the set of bracelets are a recognized symbol of a woman’s marital status and that she is a newlywed.

They are gifted by the bride’s maternal uncle and aunt (Mama and Mami). Before adorning the bride’s wrists, the bangles are purified in milk and rose petals on the day of the ceremony.

Historically brides wore the choora for one year, however many are opting to wear them for 40 days, as the bracelets start to fade and can interfere with modern life – work, activities etc.

The wearing of the wedding choora is believed to bring in prosperity and fertility to the married couple.

Now days its fashion to wear Choora,

Girls from other communities also have started wearing them and flaunt the Indian churas to let the world know that they are married. Chura was earlier made using ivory or sea shell in red and white colour. These ivory bangles are also called Suhag Choora, Bridal Choora or wedding bangles. These wedding bangles come in form of a set of stackable bangles or multi bangles. Prior to a day of marriage, the maternal uncle of bride comes on her home taking wedding choora, wedding clothes, money and other gifts. The bride-to-be takes a ritual bath and wears these clothes. The maternal uncle puts the Wedding Choora around her wrists amidst the melodious songs traditionally sung by women.

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