How to Keep Fraudsters at Bay from online matchmaking in Time of Fake Profiles.

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We’ve all heard of exaggerated tales about fraudsters online. There’s no denying that there have been few cases of online fraud but majority of the stories doing the rounds on social media have been found to be untrue. We have all heard about ‘friend of a friend’ who had a bad experience sometime recently that snowballed and eventually put a full stop on you finding the love of your life or a life partner online. Right? Well, if you’re nodding in agreement then this article has been written for you. That’s why we taken a tough decision against fake profile, we are doing round of four type of verification which gives you 100% genuine profile and verified profile. We have a thorough verification process and activate accounts and profiles only when we deem them safe. 

We understand that some people are making fake identities/profiles in matrimony site and cat fishing victims. Since the supposed ‘victims’ on matrimonial and dating websites are vulnerable, they seem like an easier target. However, takes  pride in its extensive screening process during registration (both via email and phone and reference verification).We have a thorough verification process and activate accounts and profiles only when we deem them safe. 

While we have taken it upon ourselves to keep these scammers in check (we challenge you to try something funny and the joke will be on you!), here is a checklist that you should follow to stay a step ahead while looking for that perfect someone on 

1)    Do a thorough profile check – And by that we mean thorough! If this is someone who you see yourself with for the rest of your life, then there can be no mistakes. Make sure you go through the entire profile; look at their occupation, where they stay, where are they from, education etc to see if it all fits in and blends together seamlessly. Make a note if you doubt something and double-check with the person when either one of you initiates contact. 

2)     Are they trust badge approved? – Lookout for people with trust badges! Take our word for it when we say, it’s worth the effort. If a member has all all three trust badges unlocked, it means our team has screened their Government issued Identity Proof & Social Profile. As a genuine match-seeker yourself, upload and add trust badges to your own profile, so a community based on trust is built. 

3)      Take it slow—A word of caution: beware of any rushed declarations of affection! What do we mean by that? It’s quite simple actually. If someone is moving ahead at breakneck speed then put them on hold for a while. It is important to initiate contact with a person, and chat on the platform for a few weeks before you take it offline. Although, we are always on the look-out for any suspicious behavior and we will take necessary action against any person we see as bad fish.

4)      No Response? Move on – We really believe you should listen to us on this one. Most of the people who are looking for a match on take things forward with only one prospect at a time. Even though we encourage our members to respond to every interest even if it’s a no, most of the members are unable to do that. This behavior has resulted in a perception that “there are a lot of fake profiles on matrimony website as nobody ever responds”. So our golden advice to you is, if you do not get a response from someone over a few days you should send interest to your other shortlisted profiles instead.

5)      Follow your gut – If after chatting online and over the phone for a while, if you feel comfortable enough to meet them, go for it. We cannot stress upon the importance of face-to-face interaction with someone if you are planning to spend the rest of your life with them. Although, you would have started to trust the person, we would still urge you to always set-up your meeting at a busy restaurant or a coffee shop. Trust us and follow your instinct.

While there are those who get lucky very quickly, the rest of us do take time to finally meet the person of our dreams. If you’ve had a bad experience before, don’t shut the probable good experiences coming your way. The key to finding love and happiness online is to stay positive. Always see the glass as half full instead of half empty and not let a minor setback stop you from exploring love online. 

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