How To Plan A Perfect Beach Wedding

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Beach weddings are always interesting, but just wait for a second close your eyes, and imagine how you want your beach wedding to be, sunny skies, a salt-water breeze, toes filled with sand, crystal clear ocean, such a refreshing vibe, right? But just imagining this won’t be enough if you want a beach wedding then planning and executing that plan is what you require.

Beach weddings could even be affordable, if you don’t want to spend a lot on decors then just water would be the best backdrop you can have, just get the sea behind you, and you’re done. But if you’re planning a destination wedding then one day would be enough. It’s a whole weekend of festivities and fun!

Keep on reading this article to start turning your shoreside wedding dreams into reality!

How far in advance should I send book the venue? (If it’s a private beach)

Beach destinations are all over the world and each one is gorgeous in its own way. But private beaches are rare and limited so make sure that you book these beaches prior 6 to 5 months before your wedding.

Get the necessary permits for a public beach ceremony

You’ll need to check with the local township ordinances before setting the wedding decors, as a permit may be required for larger events.

Research the weather 

When is hurricane season? Is it wet or dry season? If it’s hot how long can we stay out? These are some basic questions to be asked for a beach wedding. If these things are not known you’ll have to cancel the wedding.

Try intelligently with all the essentials

Of course, it’s a destination wedding so you’ll be going by plane, carrying anything and everything required for your wedding (like say your wedding dress).

Be very smart with beach ceremony set-up

Acrylic or wooden chairs can be quickly wiped down in case of passing rain and are far easier to set up and break down than any upholstered options.

Don’t feel limited by theme

Tropical themes are not the only option when planning beach wedding decor. Think of a wedding on the beach as a blank slate, try everything from a classic theme to any sophisticated one. A designer could help you plan this!


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