Important Things to Do As Soon As You Get Engaged

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Getting engaged? We know the excitement, this is the very moment you’ve been waiting for since you started dating each other, you’ve got an engagement ring on your finger, and the hours, days, and weeks after the proposal would be a whirlwind.

There would be so many things to think about, so many people to contact and so many things to get it done, don’t be tensed or overwhelmed with this situation, you’ll have plenty of time to plan, but before that, you’ll have that urge to share this exciting news with your friends and family. So, let’s have a look at the things to do as soon as you get engaged!

Things To Do After The Engagement

Call Your Loved Ones : The most important part after your engagement is calling your loved one because most of the families will not attend the proposal meet so make it a point to personally call all the family members and your friends (because even they deserve to know this news).

Discuss A Wedding Timeline : After the engagement, the most important and hot topic is a wedding. Some couples want to tie the knot immediately or some couples want to wait for a certain time could be a year or more than a year. So, it's really important to decide on the wedding timeline.

Don’t Book Anything : Don't book anything immediately, because people do this mistake a lot in their excitement, they'll book things without doing any research, take some help of a wedding planner (if you’re hiring one). Don't do anything in a hurry just sit relax and plan things accordingly. First, decide your wedding date, then no. of guests and venue.  Ask your friends, visit some venues and then book the things simultaneously.

Have A Family Lunch : Just have a fun time with friends and family because after they get to know this exciting news, a celebration is a must. Plan a nice lunch date or a dinner date with your family and raise a toast because that is really worth it!

Book Pre Wedding Shoot : After the discussions, book your pre-wedding shoot so you can easily get enough time to select your locations and dresses according to your choice. This would lessen your burden and all things would go according to your plan.

Relax  : Lastly done forget to relax, do something that is fun, a small trip, or a beach day out, anything that is relaxing and refreshing to the brain. Take some time to laugh, reconnect and remember why you’re getting hitched in the first place!


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