Indian States And Their Traditional Wedding Dresses

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India is a country with a wide variety of cultures and traditions. We believe in unity in diversity, we Indians respect all the cultures and customs, but when it comes for wedding, every religion in India have a unique approach towards the culture and traditions whether it’s following certain custom or opting for traditional dresses it’s always fun to be a part of any such wedding rituals. And we’ve got a fantastic list of wedding dresses from around India for you so that you get inspired and try them out at your wedding. Let’s explore them!


Jammu And Kashmiri Wedding Dress: Jammu and Kashmir wedding celebrations are a beauty to watch, their rituals, food, and especially the wedding dress is something which is all about beauty and elegance. The bride wears a Pheran which is a long-sleeved kurta and Pashima, the brides look regal and elegant as they are.


Manipuri Wedding Dress: Manipur again a city of rich culture and traditions and the Manipuri's believe that no wedding is complete without wearing a proper wedding outfit for the wedding. The Manipuri bride dons a skirt called Raslila, a red or black sarong that covers the entire body, and a choli.


Punjabi Wedding Dress: Punjabi wedding is full of life, the food, the rituals, and the wedding dress, everything about a Punjabi wedding is living life to the fullest. A Punjabi bride wears a traditional Salwar Kurta with a Chuda to complete the look, they look magnificent.


Gujarati Wedding Dress: Gujarat is yet another fun-loving city and has a unique custom, the food and people are very sweet here. And what can we say about the brides, they are such a beauty, the brides usually wear a Gujarati style saree with some jewelry, and they are done with the look!


Rajasthani Wedding Dress: Rajasthani brides have a royal look when it comes to their wedding dress, they wear a Ghaghra Choli with long odhani, the one end of the odhani is tucked in the Ghaghra and the other should be on the head. You get a royal vibe from a Rajasthani bride.


Maharashtrian Wedding Dress: Maharashtra is another state in India where rituals and customs are given a lot more importance than expected. The brides look stunning with the Nauvari saree with green bangles, half-moon bindi, and a Nath which is considered the most important accessory for the Maharashtrian bride.


Bengali Wedding Dress: Bengali brides look stunningly beautiful because of their wedding dress, they often prefer to wear a red Banarasi saree, some gold jewelry, red Alta on the hands and feet, Matha Patti, Mukut, and red & white bangles with a golden touch on them.


Tamilian Wedding Dress: Tamil wedding is again a different culture and tradition followed in the south part of India. The brides wear a beautiful traditional Kajeevaram saree in bright hues and gold jewelry to complete the look, they look ravishing!


Kerala Wedding Dress: Kerala brides look stunning with Kasavu saree which is an all plain white saree with a golden border, the saree is considered very auspicious and literally worn by women on every special occasion.


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