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In india parents think age is the biggest decider in terms of when to get married – the generation today disagrees. Its about the right time. What for them defines the right time? Its determined not only by the age but more so by the person and the stage of their life. Traditionally the man worked and the woman was generally stay at home and hence age was the only determinant. How with women working and following their dreams, its about truly matching people on a one to one basis.

Yes family are important and always will be as in the Indian culture however there is a strong emphasis on the man and the woman being compatible with each other. With Independence be it financial or emotional there comes a certain mindset and women are being more and more vocal about what is important to them as regards a good match. As people are delaying marriage, with time and age people’s personalities and likes and dislikes are more and more set in place and it becomes imperative to find someone they can truly connect with. The right time to take these Decision when the age and the right person come together.


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