Make Yourself Attractive In Photos And Grab Attention Online

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Once you’re finally ready put yourself out there, there is a ton of things you might get confused about. And the most common area where you might feel lost is to select a profile picture. This is where you can make or break your first impression. Keep reading for the most important tips on how to make yourself attractive in photos and grab attention online.

Quality Matters

No, we are not talking about a pixelated picture because that is out of the question. By quality, we mean that you use a good camera, ensure good lighting, and make sure that your face is visible. And, of course, the picture should be a perfect size, not too zoomed in or out.

Uncluttered Background

Pick a beautiful place to take your picture. It can be a park, your own house, or your workplace; as long as you remain the main object of the picture, you’re good to go. Too much happening in the background steals the limelight away from you.

Is Your Photo Current?

Of course, nobody here expects you to upload a picture that’s 5 years old. But it’s better to upload a picture that was taken within 6 months.


Considering you’re trying to attract people to your profile, smiling in your profile is the best way to go. Less and less people keep a straight or poker face in their profiles now and you should join the crowd. So, say cheese and give your best, genuine smile.

Now that you know these top 4 tips on how to make yourself attractive in photos and grab attention online, it’s time to start building your online profile on login to find your perfect match.


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