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March is always a lively month. With winter gradually sliding into the background, the green of spring mostly associated with the month, it’s also a time when nature’s rainbow begins to peek through as flowers start to bloom. Similarly, March weddings also contain a great deal of potential and variety as weddings cease to be held strictly inside and nature in incorporated more into bridal celebrations. So read on below to find some March-friendly wedding ideas that look to the increasingly expanding world around us for inspiration while encouraging brides to be daring and true to themselves.

Flowers are another popular theme of the month as many cities across the world celebrate the blooming of cherry blossom trees and countless other flora and fauna. Of course, flowers usually need a vessel of an idea to pull them off and thus many brides are opting for a garden party-style wedding replete with rose-filled teacups or an outdoors theme featuring a pair of antlers adorned with bright flowers. Lastly, tulips are a famous flower that is often associated with spring.

Another recurring theme of March is that the outdoors turns from freezing cold to temperate in many parts of the country. If you live in an area where it gets warm enough if March, then consider doubling down on the outdoors by holding your wedding outside.

So whether you choose to embrace your heritage or the changing of the seasons, March provides couples with considerable room to play around with their wedding themes and create a true reflection of their love.





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