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Marriage is the joining of two people in a bond that putatively lasts until death.

How to Make Marriage Work ?: Marriage brings great joy to many but it also brings challenges, often profound ones. How a couple manages them often determines whether their relationship collapses or holds firm. Preserving long-term connection may require one or both partners to jettison misguided beliefs or dysfunctional habits that they themselves hold, while bearing in mind that trying to change a spouse tends to fail unless the individual also wants to change.

How does marriage change people? : Marriage does more than change people’s living situation and daily routines; becoming a spouse appears to change one’s personality as well, especially in the early years of marriage. Men, for example, tend to become more conscientious and introverted than they were when single, and women more emotionally stable. But both tend to become less agreeable.

What are the strongest signs that a marriage will succeed? : Couples reveal the state of their bond in the way they speak about each other. Specifically, they refer to each other fondly; use “we” more than “I’ when speaking about their relationship; speak expansively and with detail about their past together; and express pride in surviving challenges rather than dwelling on their problems.

What can couples do to keep a marriage happy? : The idea of a “honeymoon period” is real: Most couples experience a general decline in satisfaction after the first years of marriage. Those who stay together, research shows, tend to share some habits. They act like they’re still dating; remain focused on each other’s positive traits; express gratitude; and recognize that external pressures may be causing them stress, rather than blaming each other.


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