Pink & Gold Colour Combination & How to Incorporate it at Your Wedding

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For the bride and groom, every tiny detail from their wedding is super important. Right from the wedding decor to their bridal outfits, everything needs to be perfect and ‘on point’. And, nothing is more ‘on point’ than fun colour combinations. Introducing the two-colour combinations that have lately taken the internet by storm- pink and gold. Ladies, mark our words that these two colours are everywhere and if you too want to hop on the trend then scroll below to see how you can implement this colour scheme at your wedding functions!

Here’s How You Can Incorporate Pink & Gold At Your Wedding

Bridal Outfits : For a to-be bride, the priority is her wedding outfits. She must finalise the best ones cuz after this she would hardly get an opportunity to dress up and don heavy outfits. So, do consider this colour combination to look ravishing at your wedding functions. Scroll below to see how these brides have incorporated this colour scheme into their functions!

Bridal Jewellery : You may want to opt for a different colour for your bridal outfit but you can always go with pink and gold for your bridal jewellery. Ladies, whether you pick floral jewellery or the real one, pink and gold are a great choice and will come out exceptionally well!

Wedding Mandap : When we talk about weddings, one of the first things that come to our mind is the ultimate wedding mandap decoration. It's the sacred place from where your happily ever after will start so it is natural to want a beautiful mandap. And, since pink and gold are a great colour combination, we recommend opting for this for your wedding mandap. Trust us, you will be very happy with this choice!

Wedding Decoration : If you want to implement a lot of this colour combination at your wedding, we recommend using it for your wedding decor. Ranging from your table centres to your seating arrangement, there are a plethora of ways you can make use of pink and gold together at your wedding.


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