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Choosing a right life partner is relatively easy. It is her good looks? His sense of humor?  Was she hard to get? Opposites attract is definitely true, in some cases but may lead to troubled relationships. Infatuation can be blind, as it encourages us to look at the one we love through closed eyes. A life partner is someone you share your most intimate thoughts, desires and dreams with. It is like being with your best friend sharing joys and sorrows together. Knowing that you will have a trustworthy person by your side. Choosing the right life partner is the most important in your life.


Search for your right  life partner is simple but some people have made it difficult. Primary reason very high standards both formed by prospective bride and her family and same can be said for the groom and his family. You need to concentrate on few things to make your selection process rewarding.


Understanding : An understanding person is really important. Choose someone who will listen, cares about you, gives you importance. Do not focus yourself on physical attraction only, see beyond the physical surface otherwise, you will have conflicts in your martial life. Marriage is life time commitment you will want to have a stable happy relationship.


Attitudes Towards Work : Does he have a clear vision about his career or business. Is he/she hard working it can be real advantage to have someone as your potential who is not lazy. It shows he/she takes upon work seriously for women it also applies to housework taking good care of children.


Compatibility : If you both are of the same religion with same values and beliefs, means will have a closer bond. Someone with similar background who shares your beliefs and interests is much better choice.


For a potential partner, if he/she is more like you, than there more chances for a happy long lasting marriage. You will enjoy each others company and share many wonderful times. When dealing with in-laws you will have less hassles, and more acceptability with the extended family members.


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