Things to Keep in Check for a Winter Wedding

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Winter Wedding: Wedding season is almost here and with it, winter is coming, too. Winter weddings are fun when we think about things like make-up does not get ruined or the hair staying the way they were made. Winter wedding looks all cosy and comfortable on the outside but on the inside only we know what is happening to us. From the wedding venue to the wedding outfits all things have to be checked before the big day. Even the food needs a lot of thinking and consideration.

Winter weddings are a lot of work. They need extra focus because lets just face it, no one wants to leave any loophole or give people any chance to talk bad about the wedding.  Here are some tips that you can keep in mind while planning a winter wedding.

Venue for the Wedding

Deciding the venue for the wedding is the first and foremost thing that is done when the date is confirmed. Go for a venue that is closed as it will keep the cold breeze out and keep the place warm. Also, shortlist some cosy venues already so that it gets easy for you to decide on one venue as in winter time it gets a bit challenging and exasperating to get a venue that is all covered. So, make it a priority to book the venue first.

Keep the Venue Warm

Once the venue is finalised, make sure that you arrange the proper equipment to keep the venue warm. Rent heaters or you can also rent some tent houses at affordable rates. If you are having an outdoor winter wedding, it gets all the more necessary that you keep it cosy so that your guests don’t feel chills and can enjoy the wedding.

Light up the Venue

This is another smart idea to keep your wedding venue warm. Use as many lights as you can but in a decorative way. The lights will keep the place warm. Furthermore, it gets very dark very fast in winter. So, the lights will help in keeping enough brightness. You can use the candles also to keep the place warm.

Blankets for the guests

What can be cosier than blankets? Get the blankets so that they are enough for the wedding guests that are going to stay for the whole night at the wedding. This gesture of yours will show that you care for your guests. And on the other hand, they will be protected from the cold. So, it is a win-win!

The Winter Food

Food plays a big role at weddings because most people attend weddings just for the sake of food. So, it gets very necessary to give great thought to it. Go for the menu that has hot beverages like coffee, and other hot items like soup, hot desserts, etc. Cut out items like ice-creams from the menu. People like to eat a lot of sweet things in winter. So, try to keep variety in the dessert section.

Outfits for the Wedding

Last but not the least, selecting outfits for a winter wedding can be tricky. You are always in a dilemma about whether to dress in accordance with the trend or keep the winter in mind. So, go for the outfits that cover your body and are also stylish such as a full-sleeved lehenga or an Anarkali suit. For men, it is a lot easier to dress for a winter wedding.

There are other things also that you can take care of while hosting a winter wedding.  Go for a dark shade for the décor such as blue or purple as dark shades absorb heat. You can deck up the venue by keeping some fun areas like a photo booth. Hence, keep a check on these crucial things and enjoy your winter wedding!


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