Things your parents won't tell you about marriage

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Every Indian parent dreams about their daughter getting married to a perfect life partner and finding her ‘happily ever after’, don’t they? We all have heard our parents talking about why marriage is an important part of our life, the right age to get married, and how it completes us as a person. They are surely our well-wishers and want nothing but the best for us. While our parents tell us about all the positive aspects of this relationship, there are somethings they leave on us to learn on our own. Here are six things parents never tell their daughter about marriage:

There would be a lot of compromises: Although our parents might hint at the compromises a girl is required to make post marriage, but they will never tell her to what extent she needs to compromise. A successful marriage requires constant efforts, dedication, commitment, adjustments and a lot more things from both the partners.

You may grow out of love: Most girls have grown up listening to stories of marrying the ‘Prince Charming’ and finding their happily ever after. However, your parents will never tell you that may fall out of love with your partner and life may get very complicated after marriage.

There would be no end to responsibilities: No parent can prepare a girl about the huge set of responsibilities that come with marriage. If she is a working woman, she might have learn to strike a balance in her personal and professional life. If she decides to become a homemaker, she might be expected to run the entire household with perhaps little help from others.

You will need to your space : Everyone needs space, and it holds true for married people as well. Unfortunately, no every parent tells their daughter the importance of privacy in married life. She might grow up believing that she will have to spend her entire life sleeping in the same room and bed with her partner. Since they are sharing their lives, they will have to share everything.

Daughters aren’t ‘paraya dhan’: Lucky are the girls who haven’t grown up listening to their parents saying that she is ‘paraya dhan’, which means her real place belongs with her in laws and she is just a guest at her parent’s place. This is far from the truth. Marriage is meant to bring two people closer, it is not meant to make a girl break her ties with her parents.

If things do not work out, it’s okay to end a relationship: Every parent would wish for an amazing married life for their daughter and they would never even utter a single word related to ‘divorce’. In fact, it is still considered an unapproachable topic in many Indian families. But it’s completely okay to walk away from a relationship if it is not working out or the parent turns out be physically and mentally abusive—there might be many reasons for which a marriage might be heading for a divorce despite making some sincere efforts. Divorce does not mean your life would come to a halt and in fact, you might live a better life after it.


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