Trends to Make Your Bridal Jewellery Rock Your Look

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What is a modern Indian bride without her jewellery? Be it a simple and elegant south Indian wedding or a bigger-than-life north Indian wedding with chunks of jewellery donning a bride’s neck, there’s something about the way a bride rocks her jewels that can make or break her whole look. If you want to rock a trend that slightly boho and stands out from the regular, check out some of our suggestions for how you can make your jewellery jazz up your wedding couture!

Go Nath On It : Use a nath to make your bridal look traditional, while sticking to the basics. A nath can come is so many designs, it's always easy to throw one in last minute by matching it with the rest of your outfit. Remember to wear it around for a bit to make sure it's comfortable enough to be worn for longer durations on the day of the wedding!

Armlet : Another accessory that’s less popular these days, the armlet is an elegant design that originated in the South. Also called the vanki, this piece can add a ton of drama to an otherwise minimalist trousseau. Try pairing one with a small number of bangles worn on the forearms, or your arms might look too crowded!

Anklet : Anklets date back to many traditional dance forms, where they enhanced a bride’s aura by clanking and producing a sweet sound announcing her arrival. Nowadays, the anklet has become a staple with many brides, but the heavy ghungroos have given way to plain, minimalist ones with a few rubies or emeralds on it. To ankle-it on a low budget, look for an imitation piece that fits your pocket and goes with your outfit. We suggest silver for some statement pieces!

Toe Rings : While many brides tend to think their feet might not be the center of attention on their wedding, their feet tend to gather a lot of attention for their heavily hennaed charm. Toe rings can be a simple and subtle way to add a tinge of sparkle to otherwise bare feet. Opt for plain bands in silver or gold to keep it classy!

Waist Belt : A waist belt or kamarband can make you stand out. Opt for one that’s intricately designed and complements the colours of your bridal outfit. Silver or gold is usually the safest option!


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