Trendy Dupatta Draping Styles That'll Come Handy For Your Wedding

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Over time, we have realized that a bride’s wedding look has a lot more than just the bridal outfit. Of course, there is the hair and makeup but another important thing to put your focus on is the draping style. Yes, we’ve said it. With new silhouettes emerging daily, we have found the ultimate dupatta drapes that will make you look your best as well as let you stay comfortable. Scroll below to check them out!

Around The Neck

We’ve seen a plethora of brides place their dupatta around the neck. This is a classy way of draping your dupatta without struggling with it. Ladies, this draping style is tried and tested, looks elegant and if pinned properly, you’re sorted for days to come. Scroll below to check out these real brides who placed their dupatta around the neck at their wedding functions!

Covering the Shoulders

One of the most elegant dupatta draping styles has to be the dupatta covering your shoulders. For one, you won’t have to pin it if you’re placing the dupatta on your elbows. Secondly, your outfit will be completely visible; allowing you to opt for a more detailed outfit. We are head over heels for this dupatta draping style and you will be too once you check out these real brides!

Double Dupatta Draping

The first we ever saw of a double dupatta was back in 2018 when Deepika wore a stunning cream outfit and topped it up with two dupattas. Obviously, the double dupatta then became a trend and has been a favorite amongst all the brides. So, if one dupatta ain’t cutting it for you, we recommend opting for the double dupatta drape.

Dupatta for the Head & Chest

Another drape that has been around for centuries now but lately has gained momentum is the one where the dupatta goes over the head and covers the chest. Not only does this drape look exceptionally elegant but is also super comfortable to carry. So, if you want to cover your head for one of the wedding functions, you should go with this dupatta drape!

Cover The Hair Bun

This is one of the most popular dupatta drapes and for all the right reasons. Firstly, this drape is mostly opted for on the day of the wedding cuz it is easy to carry looks graceful and allows the bride to move around freely. Secondly, your hair bun will help stay the dupatta intact.

Cover the Head Completely

If you’re looking for a fuss-free and traditional drape, we recommend going for one which will cover your head completely. Ladies, we strongly recommend this drape for the wedding day. Oh, and if your dupatta has a beautiful border on it, then you’re going to want to flaunt it just like these real brides!

Pin The Dupatta On The Side

Lastly, another wonderful dupatta drape is simply pinning it on the side. For one, you can create multiple pleats or let it loose. And, your outfit will also be properly visible if you go for this specific dupatta drape.

So, which dupatta drape did you like the most?


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